To set the scene properly; Survival in Flint is a dangerous and daunting task. Flint is an environment unsuitable for the feeble mined or halfhearted. Finding itself at the top of “the most violent cities in America” list in 2011, according to a national poll by 24/7 Wall St. Flint also took first place as the most violent city three years running, according to the FBI in 2013. A whopping 2237 violent crimes reported. REPORTED. I assure you the actual numbers are much higher. Not to worry though, the following year a the FBI found a 26% decrease in crime. Good news for the tourist industry as a mere 24 homicides (down 23%) 251 robberies (down 18%) and 680 aggravated assaults (down 33%) were reported in the first half of the year. As a woman though, I won’t be making any travel plans to flint due to the 45% increase…

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