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what the people following like sheep have no idea about:-

Prof Fiona Stanley, former Australian of the Year and Director of the Telethon Institute, has helped to develop this charity into a very successful commercial enterprise. Not content to just trial drugs and vaccines for other companies, she has helped the Institute form its own drug company, Phylogica, which is now in the process of developing its own treatments.
In a 2005 interview published on the National Health and Medical Research Council’s website, Prof Stanley was totally unapologetic about the close relationship she has with Big Pharma. “…we’ve had a very good relationship with big pharma, some of which has just been, ‘Here’s the money. We’re interested in anything you produce.’ That’s a very good relation that Pat Holt (the head of Telethon’s Division of Cell Biology) has had with GlaxoSmithKline.”

No Compulsory Vaccination

A flu jab too close for comfort | The Australian

This article from the Australian newspaper has broken ground for a lot of reasons. For one, unlike most media reports, it doesn’t try to explain away the huge incidence of serious reactions after this vaccine. There is no mention of coincidence or benefits outweighing the risks. Instead, there is hard-hitting questioning of just why we subjected  Australian families to a vaccine that was completely untested and how it is that those ‘experts’ the government chose to ensure our safety may have been double agents – beholden to drug companies and therefore, unwilling or unable to do their jobs properly.

JUST hours after a doctor jabbed Sharron Coppin’s children with a world-first flu vaccine, her three-year-old daughter Alivia turned purple. As Coppin raced the shivering Alivia to a Perth hospital emergency ward, her husband called an ambulance for their one-year-old twins…

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