A call for Pro-truth to replace Pro-Vax v Anti-Vax

This applies to the forced fluoridation disgrace also:-
Australian Government is a Tyrannical Government even becoming worse than the USA.
If a mad with power and control Government over the population is allowed to continue – they will NEVER be stopped with anything else – a tyrannical Australian Government even stopped our health rights freedoms and our individual rights to informed consent to treatment and our individual rights to refuse treatment – it does not get much worse than this people – the bastards all through Australian politics are all the same – a threat to us all in every respect.


If anyone is foolish enough to trust the American Government and our Australian Government with this you are sheep to the slaughter – all evidence of harm has always been covered up and a compliant controlled media is the government’s and big pharma’s mouthpiece – the Australian media have sock puppets not investigative journalists.
GO TO THIS POLL AND VOTE NO http://www.abc.net.au/news/thedrum/polls/
or you will have sealed the fate of more of our population to not only have differing levels of vaccine induced brain injury and our rights and health rights choices and our rights to choose what medical treatment we have will be under the control of the government and their interests. Political donations control governments and ‘agendas’.
You would know the high levels of corruption in American government and the ICAC investigates the high levels of corruption polluting Australian politics.
The reason more are refusing vaccinations is because they are independently researching and finding out exactly what is in them and the damage on different levels being done to ‘brains’.
GUNPOINT MEDICINE is not okay in any country.

remember to also sign petition

We call on all Australians who have done their own research and found that vaccinations are anything but safe and effective and calling on those who haven’t done their own research to sign also because we have done the research for you and we have no political agenda or ‘conflicts of interests’.

There is nothing funny about toxic, neurotoxic and carcinogenic ‘ingredients’ being injected into us and especially our babies.  There are many who are suffering brain damaging vaccination injury and countless who have died from such vaccine brain injury.   Medical ethics must always honour an Individual Rights to Informed Consent to Treatment and individual rights to Refuse Treatment –  also the ‘herd immunity’ theory is based on flawed theory   and I personally know people who were vaccinated against whooping cough and got shocking dose of it. INDIVIDUAL rights to informed consent to treatment and individual rights to refuse treatment. So many people are ignorant and clueless about the dangerous neurotoxins (and carcinogens) contained in vaccines of this ma$$ive billion dollar indu$try. WAKE UP PEOPLE – THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT AND THEIR INTERESTS CANNOT BE TRUSTED – VACCINATIONS ARE NOT SAFE AND NOT EFFECTIVE AND MUST NOT BE FORCED ON ANYONE OR WELFARE PAYMENTS STOPPED IF PARENTS REFUSE TO ‘PLAY VACCINATION RUSSIAN ROULETTE’.

Ura on Conscious Business Culture

Viral Vaccination Post

I shared some thoughts on Facebook last night and had my first taste after years as an active social media user of ‘going viral’. As I write there have been 1,463 shares and 1310 likes.

The subject was vaccination. It can be a viral subject, but it can be very ugly too, generally with discussion strings getting quite insulting and with most participants either pro-vax, or anti-vax and with the people in between keeping out of the line of fire.


My Vaccination Position : Pro-Truth

My position on vaccination is pro-data, and pro-truth.

Vaccination is not an issue that is purely black or white.

The subject in my experience get lots of misinformation pumped in from both sides of the argument.

It is a subject to which I bring quite deep industry experience having worked as a senior commercial executive in medical science for 12 years and…

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