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Murdoch’s War on Natural Medicine

Originally posted on Septic Skeptics:
By Brett Smith Rupert Murdoch attacking Natural Medicine in the name of Big Pharma profits. Ahhh me old mate Jane Hansen and her evil old boss are at it again. What this time you may…

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Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

“Well Kylar, I wonder about your sources (Not. Australian Skeptics Inc, and the equally putrid Friends Of Science & Medicine). If you’d done a little more research (some call it jou… Source: Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

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VaxXed Documentary Causes Huge Stir. Coming To Australia Soon!

Originally posted on Real News Australia:
By General Maddox. ( There have been quite a few documentary movies made about vaccines. Specifically about the plethora of negative side effects they cause and highlighting their ineffectiveness among other things. But a…

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