Murdoch’s War on Natural Medicine

Septic Skeptics

By Brett Smith

rupert-murdochmoney Rupert Murdoch attacking Natural Medicine in the name of Big Pharma profits.

Ahhh me old mate Jane Hansen and her evil old boss are at it again. What this time you may ask? Selling more illegal wars? Selling HepB shots to one day olds? Flu shots for 90 year old nursing home residents? Tony Abbott? Nup. Just one of their pet projects, an old favourite of theirs…..attacking natural medicines. For one of their biggest clients, Big, Bad Pharma.

I’ve been a naturopath for 15 years now so this attack is nothing new, it’s the scale and intensity that have lifted a couple of notches of late, almost in direct line with the explosions of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism, auto-immune diseases etc. I love watching the media’s schizophrenic relationship to this topic. You see their readers, or most of them, all use natural therapies, or buy…

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