Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

“Well Kylar, I wonder about your sources (Not. Australian Skeptics Inc, and the equally putrid Friends Of Science & Medicine). If you’d done a little more research (some call it jou…

Source: Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

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VaxXed Documentary Causes Huge Stir. Coming To Australia Soon!

Spread this worldwide – Australia is a disgrace, forcing vaccinations with their No Jab No Pay no Play policy > AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER Malcolm Turnbull & Co.
Killing your Health Rights – MALCOLM TURNBULL / SCOTT MORRISON & all those with interests/financial interests – GUNPOINT MEDICINE – Liberal, National, Labor, Greens, they are all the same –
GROSS VIOLATION of medical ethics/individual rights to INFORMED CONSENT to treatment/individual rights to refuse treatment – (allegedly) he’s making sure those endless dollars keep rolling in for big pharma and all those with vaccine/big pharma interests $$$$$$$$$ also also

Also see:-
Australian Government – Pharmaceuticals Industry Profile
Despite Australia’s relatively small population, Australians consume large amounts of medicines.
Chronically poisoning the population via water fluoridation chemicals which is fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, thallium, beryllium etc. and also aluminium sulphate has and is continuing to damage the health of Australian people, pets, all life and our environment.
Also forcing vaccinations which have damaging/dangerous ‘substances’ too.

Real News Australia

By General Maddox.

( There have been quite a few documentary movies made about vaccines. Specifically about the plethora of negative side effects they cause and highlighting their ineffectiveness among other things. But a new documentary has been filling theaters every where it’s shown.

VaxXed: From cover-up to catastropheis having a huge impact around the United States in each and every theatre it reaches. Whether it’s a parent of a vaccine injured child, a politician, a health practitioner or even someone who is “on the fence” on the issue of whether to vaccinate their child, regardless of who views this film, they’re left with the realization that we’ve been lied to. Lied to by our governments, lied to by our family doctors and health professionals and lied to by money hungry big pharmaceutical corporations.

Efforts are being made to bring the film to Australia. There is movement behind the…

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Australia, Canada, England, USA…medical dictatorship

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Australia, Canada, England, USA…medical dictatorship

by Jon Rappoport

August 11, 2015

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

“Every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. Per decade, we’re talking about 2.25 million deaths. This is a conservative estimate.” (The Starfield Revelations, Jon Rappoport)

The truth is, I could have entered the name of any country in the world in the headline of this article.

But we begin with a story from the Star Tribune (Minneapolis) about testing for HIV: “Minnesota health care providers urge universal screening for HIV.” Several health providers in the area, serving more than 400,000 patients, are doing everything they can to push HIV testing during routine office visits—everything short of claiming the test is mandatory.

This, for a virus that has never been proved to cause “AIDS.” This for a virus which credible…

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BERKELEY Professor States: “People do not die of cancer! People die of chemotherapy and in terrible pain!”

pHorever Young Blog

 For 25 years, Dr. Hardin B. Jones  was studying cancer patients and came to a horrifying conclusion!

chemotherapyCancer Industry is as much as it attempts to deny just that: only an industry! Doctors , pharmaceutical companies , hospitals , and other key stakeholders of the industry profit every time a patient agrees to conventional treatment , which usually involves injecting chemotherapy toxins into the body , blasting the body with ionizing radiation or cutting off parts of the body and in some barbaric cases combination of all three . It is little known that the science is covering or ignoring this, despite the fact that the medical industry claims, chemotherapy just does not work in the fight against cancer .

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, has studied the life expectancy of cancer patients more than…

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BERKELEY Professor States: “People do not die of cancer! People die of chemotherapy and in terrible pain!”

BERKELEY Professor States: “People do not die of cancer! People die of chemotherapy and in terrible pain!”.

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Don’t Invite the Wolves: An Open Letter to Cr Lisa Intemann

Dear Councillor Intemann,

In a recent ABC News article, it is said:

“Councillor Lisa Intemann wants the council to request detailed information from NSW Health on dental health programs, dental statistics, and research into the potential negative impacts of fluoride.”

If you are going to take this angle, you must be made aware that NSW Health is one of the most outrageously pro-fluoridation lobby groups in the world, and, as such, you will essentially be inviting the wolves to dinner. I can guarantee, you will only get one side of the story and that it will come dripping with the most extreme pro-fluoridation slime available.

If you are genuinely interested in empowering your community on this matter (I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that you are), it is only fair to your community that you circulate the counter-arguments to NSW Health’s dogma. To this end, I…

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The Strange Story of Dr. Bradstreet, SB277, the FDA and the Struggle Against Mandatory Vaccinations

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

On June 19th, the Rutherford County sheriff’s office received a report from a fisherman who said he spotted a body floating in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, N.C.

The body was later identified as that of Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet of Braselton, Georgia.

The body displayed a single gunshot wound to the chest and divers later recovered a pistol from the river.

Officials immediately declared it “appears to be” a suicide but their investigation continues.

This information, reported by Fox Carolina, is just about the sum total of coverage Dr. Bradstreet’s death has received from the so-called “legitimate press”

Let me see if I got this right: a working doctor taking care of patients with autism, which his son also suffers from, decides to kill himself so he travels a hundred miles to some obscure little river in North Carolina where he…

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